Segelboot, 2020

Oil on steel

50 x 48 x 13 cm | 20 x 19 x 5 in 



Kittel an Stange , 2020

Oil on steel

170 x 66 x 75 cm | 67 x 26 x 29 in 



curated by Friederike Nymphius

May 14 - October 2, 2021


John M Armleder, Monica Bonvicini, Martin Boyce, Valentin Carron, Andrew Dadson, N. Dash, Philippe Decrauzat, Francesco De Prezzo, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Manuel Fois, Liam Gillick, Fernanda Gomes, Francesco João, Tarik Kiswanson, Alicja Kwade, Beth Letain, Meuser, Gerold Miller, Olivier Mosset, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Monika Sosnowska, Blair Thurman, Tatiana Trouvé, Franz Erhard Walther, Heimo Zobernig

The works of the former Beuys student Meuser are created from heterogeneous found objects such as metal, glass and wood, which he usually leaves in their raw state. Characteristic of his work is that his "material combinations" consciously dispense with form-finding and definitive categorical determinations such as sculpture, painting or architecture. Meuser therefore uses a new formal vocabulary to continue the tradition of art made of real materials in real space that was started by Constructivism.


Meuser often sources the metal used for his sculptures from junkyards and imbues the various discarded barrels, I-Beams, racks and surfaces – what could be called leftovers of industrial production – with abstract, yet always minimal and concrete, forms and shapes. The connections and juxtapositions of language and material are fundamental to the understanding of Meuser's practice and as such his sculptural works can almost appear like manifested synonyms of thoughts and ideas. While the objects shape instantaneous associations, the title of the work resists any intrinsic, contextual classification and instead leads one's reading towards a perpetually shifting sphere of correlation.

Through his titles Meuser creates autonomous narratives about people, situations, places and actions: they stem from everyday life and almost appear to lean onto the metallic structures they designate, lending them sharp outlines as well as an identity.