Chto Delat (What is to be done?) is a collective founded in early 2003 in St. Petersburg by a working group of artists, critics, philosophers and writers with the aim of merging political theory, art and activism. The collective's activities are coordinated by a core group that includes Tsaplya Olga Egorova (artist), Artiom Magun (philosopher), Nikolay Oleynikov (artist), Natalia Pershina / Glucklya (artist), Alexey Penzin (philosopher), Alexander Skidan (poet and critic), Oxana Timofeeva (philosopher), Dmitry Vilensky (artist) and Nina Gasteva (choreographer). The artistic activity is achieved through a wide range of media, from videos and theatrical performances, to radio programs and murals. It includes art projects, seminars and public campaigns. The collective's works are characterized by the use of alien effects, surreal landscapes, specificities and case-by-case analyzes of concrete social and political struggles. In 2013, Chto Delat started an educational platform called the School of Engaged Art in St. Petersburg and also manages a space called Rosa's House of Culture. Since its inception, the collective has published an English-Russian newspaper focused on the politicization of the Russian cultural situation in dialogue with the international context. The collective was part of the Journal of Journal a documenta 12 project in Kassel in 2007; its members participated as fellows in the 11th edition of the Gwangju Biennial in 2016; took part in the Garage Museum Field Research Program in 2017; and has had many other long-term collaborations with large-scale institutions.