As a commentary on the sculptural concept of Minimal Art, Heimo Zobernig created lacquer-painted sculptures from cardboard tubes or pressboard. These constructions ironised the material fetishism of Minimal Art through deliberately poor materials and their quick, sloppy-looking processing, which also showed traces of a personal handwriting. The auratically charged, depersonalised, gestalt "specific object" is de-auratised and banalised by Zobernig's sculptures. They undermine the prevailing agreement among the minimalists of small - unimportant, and large - monumental - important and expose them as irrelevant.


Rockenschaub, Armleder, Zobernig and Mosset were part of the important Neo Geo movement of the early 80's. All of them have been exhibiting together frequently and have been knowing each other for a long period of time.


1997 documenta X

2015 Austrian Pavillion, Biennale di Venezia

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