Olivier Mosset is concerned with the question of whether non-representational painting is still possible. This gives rise to paintings which geometric forms take on a signet-like character, as in this case: the square. Freed from content, they approach a potential content that opens up a completely new scope of interpretation with respect to his work. These works formally represent Mosset's formative (minimalist) principles such as reduction, frontality, monochromy and abstraction.

The unusual dimensions of his paintings, which can be up to 6 m long, and their frontality generate a physical presence that is like a confrontation with them. The interpretability of what is depicted, however, always remains in the realm of the possible and is never definitively concretised. Mosset takes a step from the contentlessness of the monochrome to content by charging geometric forms with free associations.


Rockenschaub, Armleder, Zobernig and Mosset were part of the important Neo Geo movement of the early 80's all of them have exhibited a lot together and know each other.


1990 Swiss Pavillion, Biennale di Venezia

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