In her disquieting, entropic mis-en-scenes, Tatiana Trouvé blurs the boundaries between the mental and physical where material space and form converge with immaterial time and memory, pointing to the possibility that there is a hidden potential, a secret inner life within the objects that has been undiscovered until now. Her situations combine intricate scenographic drawings, sculptures (both linear and three-dimensional) and spaces that hint at invisible dimensions. Whether found or created, Trouvé's "environmental dramas" are melancholic yet highly charged palimpsests containing echoes of other lived spaces and realities, which oscillate between the real, the imaginary and the phantasmic.

„In my view the rational and irrational, the mind and senses, always mingle. What I like is to let them slip one into the other and be complementary rather than opposite." (Tatiana Trouvé)


2007 Prix Marcel Duchamp

2010 Bienal di Sao Paolo

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