Artissima 2022: Turin, Italy

OVAL Lingotto Fiere | BOOTH GRAY 14, 4 - 6 November 2022 
On the occasion of the first participation in Artissima Art Fair 2022 in Turin (IT), Cassina Projects is pleased to propose a solo booth featuring new canvases by Italian artist Alessandro Fogo (*1992, Thiene, Italy).


Aligned with the front of contemporary artists whose representational approach to experience bends towards the staging of a psychic condition rather than an event per sè, Fogo’s practice is one that flirts with mystical symbology and overlapping dimensions, ultimately mining the ambiguous yet familiar territory of the plausible.


Through the depiction of elusive figures and indefinite motifs which inhabit the enigmatically suspended narratives of his works, he conjures up somewhat hermetic compositions porous to invisible and dream-like worlds. Visionary and allegorical, his paintings unravel a nonlinear notion of time and space and evoke an enduring, almost voyeuristic nostalgia which is further dramatized by the skilful detailing of the scenes.


Fogo’s works retain a metaphysical, at times almost tactile quality. Crepuscular tones and the intense use of shadows and unnatural light foreground the subliminal over the rational. Arching from cerulean, livid blues to metallic greens and deep reds, his palette of contrasting tints softly fades into pastel-like, muffled nuances. Historical references, everyday objects and collective symbols dot the compositions, their non-hierarchical display touching on the disorienting coexistence of universal scope and individual dimension in the iffy present.