Philippe Decrauzat understands abstraction and constructivism as a formal reservoir, which he expands in terms of content and form from a critical distance. John Armleder and Olivier Mosset (both from the French-speaking part of Switzerland), pioneers of this tendency, can be considered his masters.


Op Art, for which the interaction between viewer and work played an essential role, exerted a particular influence on Decrauzat's work. Op Art, with protagonists such as Bridget Riley or Victor Vasarely, emerged at the beginning of the 1960s from a strong interest in the objective and in scientific experimentation. Fascinated by the physical laws of light and optics, its representatives devoted themselves to the investigation of visual phenomena by means of geometric patterns, grids and lines.


In his object-like paintings, Philipp Decrauzat deals with questions of pictoriality at the border area of sculpture, wall surface, and architecture.

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