Devyanostie (Девяностые) : Nataliya Chernakova, Daria Dmytrenko, Vitaliia Fedorova, Victoria Kosheleva, Bogdan Koshevoy with the special participation and

Cassina Projects is delighted to announce Devyanostie, an exhibition that gives voice to a group of artists born at the turn of the fall of the Soviet Union, sons and daughters of a period which in the Russian collective consciousness has gone down in history as "the dashing nineties".
Throughthe use of paint, sculpture,video ad installation, in the work of each artists reside cultural attributes of Eastern European, personal childhood memories and a common sensibility which overcomes the geographic boundaries as we know them today.

Devyanostie (Девяностые) - literally 90s - is a word that more than pinning an historical period refersto a feeling and to the strong memories of events that occurred with the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Childhood memories of the Devyanostie kidsare very different from European children 's memories from the same generation. Speaking with artists emerged a very strong and clear memory of early childhood.Living a period where a socio-economic revolution was impacting each of their lives, remembrance of daily life of this period grewcrucial for them, thereafter those memories became central to their creative process and visual expression.Among their practices we can see symbols and visions that clearly unify them.

All the artists have an art education which started from their hometowns - spanningfrom Yekaterinburg, Dnipro, Kiev and Moscow - and continued in Europe and the USA.They now live and work between Milan, Kiev, Venice, Paris and Moscow. Parallel to the exhibition, two works of the artistic celland community CHTO DELAT create a generational confrontation on the theme.

Most of the artists in the Devyanostie exhibition grow up looking up atthe collective activity as an artistic point of reference.
The concept of the exhibition was born in December 2021, In light of current events, all the artists participating in the exhibition are unanimously opposed to the ongoing conflict and against any form of war.