Beth Letain (*1979, Canada) is a painter whose palette engages with the history of colour and abstraction. She developed a minimalist language in the legacy of Giorgio Morandi, Agnes Martin, Mary Heilmann and Bauhaus theories of colour. Her vivid compositions feature dissonant yet harmonious lines and geometric structures that explore themes of logic, system and shape. "My interest lies in the optic connotations resulting from radical association of colours and forms. I'm fascinated by what you can achieve with extremely limited resources", she explains.


Beginning with preparatory drawings and sketch boards, Letain then translates her works onto canvas using brushstrokes that are confident and dynamic. She prepares her surfaces with layers of homemade gesso before applying brightly saturated pigments in asymmetrical graphic grids that reach the edges of our sightlines, opening the space to plural possibilities. Letain's process is performative; each band of colour is created in a limited set of gestures.

Gallery exhibitions