Francesco de Prezzo has consistently reduced his painting practice to very few elements: the canvas and the non-colours black and white, hence neutralizing colour and ground. Reducing the pictorial resources in this way makes the visual experience central: his paintings perform the function of making invisible things visible.


Francesco de Prezzo dives deeply into the formal dimension of painting. Sometimes he resolves it by connecting his works to installative elements creating a tension with the very space in which they act. For the artist, the pictorial work is therefore also a pretext to investigate questions linked to the perception of the image or its parameters, returning also to the proposition that painting - especially in the field of minimalism and conceptualism - is a very much self-reflective medium. His paintings deliver meaning without many formal devices, and investigate the nature of the medium itself. Analogies to Yves Klein's proceeding from a blue monochrome to the blank space are imposed: both artists try to carry their art out into the world, ignoring the limits of any frame or gallery space. Art, the immaterial "...doesn't have borders nor dimensions. It is everywhere, nowhere; in the past, present and the future." (Yves Klein, Paris, 1958)

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