In 1987, Gerwald Rockenschaub painted his last picture by hand. After that, he began to create non-referential pictorial objects made of perspex or synthetic industrial products. At the same time, he also began to concern himself with the staging of the gallery space as an ideologically coded, social place of art.


Rockenschaub created Untitled especially for this space (though it can be adjusted to any other space). The work intervenes in the exhibition space with minimal means, redefining the classic white cube. His installations restructure/change the views or perspectives in the gallery, resulting in its changed perception. The parameters of the staging give the installation a transitory component: the space of the artwork, the gallery and the viewer merge and allow the visitor to become the object of contemplation himself.


Rockenschaub, Armleder, Zobernig and Mosset were part of the important Neo Geo movement of the early 80's. All of them have been exhibiting together frequently and have been knowing each other for a long period of time.


1993 Austrian Pavillion, Biennale di Venezia

2007 documenta 12

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