"I come from music, I have always been interested in composition and in electronic music but my impact with painting came 4 years ago when I decided to exchange my knowledge on the digital part related to sound in image, so I started to paint my components. I realized that by changing the management of mp3 audio files I could open them in Photoshop and thus obtain an image file derived from the audio data I recorded.

My process starts by going to places that are often not accessible to the common people, embarking on journeys. I go to environments that can offer me interesting cues at the audio level, mount a microphone and register for hours, even for hours, the surrounding sounds that the environment offers me. The sound choice part is the longest part in my work. Arriving in the studio I convert the material into a graphic and start painting the glitches created by the PC based on the audio recorded on the outside."

(Manuel Fois, 2019)

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