Monika Sosnowska's sculpture refers to the market stands of the "Jarmark Europa" in Warsaw which was, after the end of comunism in Poland, a place for all kind of goods for a period of about ten years  - even for the black market. The metal constructions of these market stalls are transformed into seemingly abstract sculptures, and it is not obvious what the new forms represent. The artist is known for translating everyday architecture into a new meaning. Buildings with a primarily social or political connotation are freed from their functionality. Monika Sosnowska's architectural artworks challenge the viewer's perception of what is rational or even possible, capturing moments when, as she puts it, "architectural space begins to take on the characteristics of mental space".


The choice to have technicians setting up her works is part of Monika Sosnowska's creative process. The artist choses metalworkers who reflect the character of the times her sculptures refer to - and in Poland in the 60s or 70s the craftsmen started working with a cigarette in their mouth and after having a shot of vodka.

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