Valentin Carron works in the fields of sculpture, painting and installation. He uses symbolically charged objects or elements from his own living environment as well as from broader cultural contexts. He detaches these objects from their origins and remakes them anew as true-to-the-original repetitions in synthetic materials, as copies, substitute objects, relics, which thus put their cultural meaning or repeatedly experienced reinterpretation up for discussion again in a different way.

 Valentin Carron leaves the interpretability of what is depicted in the realm of the possible and never definitively concretises it. In this case, it is the shape of the cross fromed by rough and cheap mdf. The cross is an important Christian symbol and at the same time only a simple geometric form. Interpretation and understanding are absolutely subjective and left to the single viewer.


„First of all it means nothing"

(Valentin Carron, 2020)

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